Interaction, User Experience, Prototyping, Wayfinding, 3D Modeling, Augmented Reality

Solo Project

geotrek logo

Step 1 - Proto-persona

After honing in on the premise of the app, my first step was to create a proto-persona in order to grasp a description of my user and gain insights on what he/she wants to accomplish. The proto-persona, a foundational tool for user-centered design, is defined by the users' goals and represents an archetype of a class of users. Though the persona is fictitious, it is rigorously informed by and created from research and serves as a means to empathize and communicate about the users.

proto persona

Step 2 - Heuristics

Before getting too deep into the functionality of the Geotrek app, I conducted heuristic evaluations of certain task flows from similar apps. These served to inform the flow of the Geotrek app in helping to identify strengths in weaknesses in how similar apps tackle the same problems.

geotrek heuristics

Step 3 - Tasks, Thoughts, Tactics, and Storyboards

During this phase, time was spent in empathy generation in order to anticipate tasks, thoughts, and tactics of the users. The goal of this phase was to identify potential mobile opportunities that could be implemented within the app. Finally a few storyboards were created in order to illustrate the potential of these opportunities.

geotrek flow diagram

Step 4 - Flow Diagram and LoFi Wireframes

After a cohesive and detailed idea of the goals and functionality of the app was formed, I was able to get into the information architecture for Geotrek. I examined and brainstormed potential navigation systems within the app and created a task flow diagram of the main task of the user beginning and completing a "trek" within the app. Additionally, I produced a set a lofi wireframes based on this flow diagram.

geotrek lofi wireframes

Step 5 - HiFi Wireframes and Clickable Prototype

Finally, an MVP was able to be produced from the previous research and process. I developed hifi wireframes from the earlier lofi wires, and put it all together using Pixate to create a clickable prototype of the task flow.

geotrek branded map
geotrek storyboards
geotrek storyboards
geotrek storyboards