Field: Branding, Wayfinding
Role: Art Direction, Design, Production

Project in full collaboration with Hannah Riley.

In order to establish a clear, cohesive and effective strategy, we needed to fully understand the company. This involved pooling research, experiences, and user insights to get a clear sense of important points like the company's background, it's audience, how it is perceived, what sets it apart from alternative choices, it's positioning in the marketplace, the selling features of it's service, and more. A detailed creative brief was established in order to guide our process throughout designing the identity. Most importantly, the brand positioning, brand character, and company promise was determined.

link sketches
link sketches

Brand Positioning

For commuters, Link Light Rail is the transit solution that provides an affordable, pleasant experience. Our brand is chosen because it is the only reliable transit option that operates outside the flow of traffic and improves the flow of your day.

Brand Character

We are dependable, approachable, and forward thinking.

Company Promise

We believe as Seattle grows we need a reliable solution to keep the city moving. That's why we bring you accessible transit for today and continually improve to meet the needs of tomorrow.

link trains
link wayfinding
link color and type
link brochure
link brochure
link brochure
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